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Similarly, there is no way to identify a victim prior to the person’s victimization because this form of violence is pervasive in all cultures, faiths, educational levels, income levels, and sexual orientations.

The domestic violence movement, with the help of the women’s movement, has made many strides toward improving the criminal justice system’s response to the crime of domestic violence.

Victims of domestic violence are familiar with what is called the “cycle of violence,” which consists of three stages that victims of domestic violence continually cycle through at the hands of their batterers.

Although there is no specific way to identify a batterer before the abuse starts, the following are some common red flags to be aware of in a relationship: extreme jealousy or possessiveness, the need for control, rigid stereotypical views on gender roles, isolation from friends and family, economic control, extreme insecurity regarding the self or the relationship, and constantly checking up on or questioning the other’s whereabouts.

id=471&state_code=AL&open_id=10516&lang=en#content-12344No. You can represent yourself "pro se" (without a lawyer) throughout the process of seeking a protection from abuse order.* Although you do not need a lawyer to file for a PFA, it may be to your advantage to seek legal counsel especially if the abuser has a lawyer, when child custody issues are at stake, or when during the court hearing for the final order.id=471&state_code=AL&open_id=10516&lang=en You can be eligible to file for a PFA order if you have been the victim of "domestic abuse," as defined by Alabama law or if you have reasonable cause to believe that you are in immediate danger of becoming the victim of any act of abuse* and you have one of the following relationships to the abuser: Note: To file, you must be 18 or older or otherwise emancipated.

id=471&state_code=AL&open_id=all#content-3584] OR IF YOU HAVE REASONABLE CAUSE TO BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE IN IMMEDIATE DANGER OF BECOMING THE VICTIM of any act of abuse* AND you have one of the following relationships to the abuser: * You are related by marriage to the defendant, including a common law marriage; * You had a former marriage or common law marriage with the defendant; * You have a child in common; * You have or had a dating relationship with the abuser; or * You are a current or former household member of the abuser, which means you lived together while having a romantic or sexual relationship - or you can file against the relative of a current or former household member as long as that person also lived with you; * You are the parent, step-parent, child, or step-child of the abuser and you live or have lived together.** NOTE: To file, you must be 18 or older or otherwise emancipated.

A parent, legal guardian, "next friend" or the State Department of Human Resources may file on behalf of a minor or any person prevented by physical or mental incapacity from seeking a protection order.* You can view the actual petition for a PFA on the Alabama Courts website.

Code § 30-5-5(a)To file, you must be 18 or older or otherwise emancipated.

Even if the abuser does not have a lawyer, it is recommended that you contact a lawyer to make sure that your legal rights are protected.For safety planning help, ideas, and information, go to our Staying Safe page.If you cannot afford a lawyer but want one to help you with your case, you can find information on legal assistance on the AL Finding a Lawyer [/gethelp_state_type.php?The purpose of this research paper was to review the topic of domestic violence from a criminology and criminal justice perspective.Domestic violence is the attempt by one person to obtain power and control over his or her intimate partner through psychological, physical, or sexual abuse.

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