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Brett (2015) Fate and transport of antibiotics in the agroecosystem: Uptake in the soil-plant system Salvi, Silvina A (2015) The role of stress in understanding neurobiological, behavioral, and attentional mechanisms underlying comorbid smoking and excess weight Schafhauser, Christopher P (2015) Generalizations of AF-embedding theorems of Brown and Pimsner Schneider-Cline, Whitney (2015) The impact of a clinical writing workshop on graduate student performance, self-efficacy, and beliefs about clinical writing Schrage, Sheryl Ann Stevens (2015) A qualitative study of exercise behavior by the assisted living resident over the age of 65 in a midwestern retirement community: The role of barriers and facilitators Schroder, Bret Allan (2015) The impact of a common approach to instruction within a Nebraska rural school district Schwab, Aimee D (2015) Beta-Binomial Kriging: A New Approach to Modeling Spatially Correlated Proportions Sendon, Oscar (2015) Estructura de la personalidad del hombre de accion en las vidas de soldados de la Primera Modernidad Shafer, Daniel J (2015) Preservice teacher understanding and implementation of caring teaching-learning student relationships Shanks, Eric Hughes (2015) Political affect: An investigation of visual behavior and political attitudes Shao, Bai (2015) Modeling and simulation of micro electrical discharge machining process Sharma, Vivek (2015) Remote sensing approach for the assessment and quantification of evapotranspiration Shepard, Bret (2015) Living as magnets Shultis, Katharine (2015) Systems of parameters and the Cohen-Macaulay property Sinley, Rachel C (2015) Exploring fruit and vegetable consumption among Native American toddlers: A mixed methods study Skinner, Allison L (2015) Is prejudice contagious?

Examining how verbal and non-verbal messages influence the spread of bias Smith, Lynette M (2015) Poisson cokriging as a Generalized Linear Mixed Model Spanbauer, Trisha L (2015) Sizes, shifts, & structures: A statistical exploration of changes in diatom morphologies and communities Stacy, Jennifer Leigh (2015) Partnerships through adult education: Re-conceptualizing family literacy in the new Latino diaspora Stamm, Alexander B (2015) Variational formulation of macro-particle algorithms for studying electromagnetic plasmas Stein, Aleksandra M (2015) Simulations of a new response-adaptive biased coin design Stromberg, Zachary R (2015) Detection methods and intestinal adherence of non-O157 shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli Sunderman, Barbara (2015) A study of pre-service teachers participating in Candidate Learning Communities: A mixed methods study Suwan, Pimsiree (2015) Effects of blanching on color, texture and sodium chloride content during storage time of frozen vegetable soybean modeling for commercial scale Taylor-Eliopoulos, Heidi (2015) Teacher Alternate Compensation Models: A Problem of Practice Mixed-Methods Study Tegeder, Gabrielle C (2015) A research framework for the geographic study of exotic pet mammals in the USA Tharayil, Ashley Ann (2015) Essays on financial literacy and financial education Thompson, Adam R (2015) Blame within reason Tian, Yuan (2015) Ultrahigh Density Sub-10 nm Cobalt Nanowire arrays: Simulation, Fabrication, and Characterization Todd-Meyer, Lois M (2015) Lest I forget: Case studies in listening to high school students struggling with academic literacy Trageser, Jeremy E (2015) Local and nonlocal models in thin-plate and bridge dynamics Trindade, Federico J (2015) Essays on agricultural productivity and the environment Tseng, Yun-Hsin (2015) "Two Old Postcards from Formosa" Re-imagining Traditional Folk Tunes for the Modern World Tu, Xiaoqing (2015) A Longitudinal Examination of the Transactional Associations Among Child Emotion Regulation, Parenting Practices, and Family Contextual Factors Across the First Three Years Tyler, Patrick M (2015) Agency leader perspectives on aftercare for youth departing group homes Tyukhova, Yulia (2015) Discomfort glare from small, high luminance light sources in outdoor nighttime environments Utah, Chigozirim Ifedapo (2015) Beyond corruption: Assessing the organizational potential in alternative discourses of struggle in Nigeria Utter, Jeffery (2015) The double bass as a solo voice in flamenco music Varga, Christopher Paul (2015) "Hungarian Suite" for Jazz Chamber Ensemble Virdi, Kamaldeep Singh (2015) Mut S homolog 1 mutant of arabidopsis integrates organellenuclear signaling to create a complex, stress-primed and epigenetic phenotype Voshall, Adam (2015) Investigating the Role of Micro RNAs in the Response to Nitrogen Deprivation in the Green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Vo, Timothy Hoan (2015) Solution-Based Synthesis of Atomically Precise Graphene Nanoribbons Wagler, Adam (2015) Developing an understanding of how college students experience interactive instructional technology: A UX perspective Wagner, Jamie Frances (2015) An analysis of the effects of financial education on financial literacy and financial behaviors Walters, Ryan W (2015) Mixed-effects location-scale models for conditionally normally distributed repeated-measures data Wang, Yali (2015) The intersection of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and quantum chemistry Wang, Yenan (2015) Peridynamic studies of interactions between stress waves and propagating cracks in brittle solids Ward, Nicholas C (2015) Nitrogen and water effects on canopy sensor measurements for site-specific management of crops Warner, Jason M (2015) Production and economic efficiencies of intensified cow-calf production management systems Warrior, Anitra M (2015) The emotional experience of American Indians receiving hemodialysis and how it relates to treatment adherence Watanabe, Megumi (2015) Faculty parental status: An investigation of network homophily, marginalization, and supportive work-family academic culture Wayt, Lindsay K (2015) Pathways to Student Success: A Multiple Case Study on Four-Year Colleges' Organizational Change in Performance Funding States Webb, Marcus (2015) Frobenius & homological dimensions Weitzel, Derek (2015) Enabling distributed scientific computing on the campus West, Tiffany (2015) Adolescent sexual abuse victims: Examining the heterogeneity of symptom presentation based on the bioecological model Wijemanne, Prageeth Rukshan (2015) Secretion of heat-labile enterotoxin by porcine-origin enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli and relation to virulence Wilken, Joshua C (2015) Elementary teacher attitudes toward including English language learners in general education classrooms Williams, Amber S (2015) Navigation of first-generaton, low-income, first-year college students: A case study from one college access program Wilson, Peter M (2015) Chemical vapor deposition of graphene nanostructures Wingo, Rebecca S (2015) Restructuring the Reservation: House-building policy and adult education on the Crow Reservation, 1880--1934 Witte, Amanda L (2015) Parent-teacher relationships across community types Woradechjumroen, Denchai (2015) Soft-repair technique for solving inherent oversizing effect on multiple packaged air-conditioning units in commercial buildings Worley, Bradley (2015) Chemometric and Bioinformatic Analyses of Cellular Biochemistry Worrell, Cory Dean (2015) The History of Nebraska Public School Reorganization Over the Past 30 Years and How This History Might be Used to Predict Nebraska School Reorganization in the Future: A Mixed Methods Study Wu, Qianru (2015) Atmospheric processes sustaining a multidecadal variation in reconstructed and model-simulated Indian monsoon precipitation during the past half millennium Wu, Zifeng (2015) Measuring reliability in dynamic and stochastic transportation networks Wylie, Lindsey E (2015) Who's to Blame?

Mechanisms underlying behavior during food competition Osborn, Sarah R.

Faltin (2015) The development of language teaching beliefs: From theory to practice Oser, Haley Heather (2015) Producing quality barley for the malting industry Ou, Gengxin (2015) Modeling surface water and groundwater interactions in agricultural areas Padilla, Kevin Begcy (2015) Early seed development responses in cereals under environmental stresses Palmer, Nathan Andrew (2015) Functional Genomic Analyses of Switchgrass Developmental Processes Pan, Donald (2015) Role of Viruses Infecting Bacteria in Subsurface Sediments and Groundwater Parnell, Kenneth J (2015) The influence of a couple gratitude intervention on emotions, intimacy, and satisfaction in the relationship Pesta, Anna C (2015) Dietary strategies for mitigation of methane production by growing and finishing cattle Petit Cunningham, Elizabeth (2015) A typology of mathematical moments in kindergarten classrooms Pfeifer, Chase M (2015) Biomechanical Investigation of Elite Place-Kicking Pitchai, Krishnamoorthy (2015) A finite element method based microwave heat transfer modeling of frozen multi-component foods Pizzichemi, Sarah Joy (2015) Virtuoso violinist Maud Powell: Enduring champion for American women in professional music Powers, Richard D (2015) Student and teacher attitudes, experiences, and perceptions of integrated inquiry-powered design-based STEM units Prahlad, Janani (2015) Structural and biochemical studies of proteins implicated in oxidative stress Price, Vanntaccale (2015) The Quest For Success: A Phenomenological Study Aimed At Understanding The Experiences Of Successful African American Females In High School Prochaska, Travis Joseph (2015) Biochemical, physiological, and anatomical insights into aphid-bioenergy switchgrass interactions Pu, Jinya (2015) Volatile condensible material deposition in LEO simulated environment Pycior, Casey (2015) The spoils: Stories Qi, Yong (2015) Properties of soil particle size fractions and their effects on fate and transport of hormones in soil environments Quisenberry, David M (2015) Testing the Internal Validity of Psychological Capital: A Laboratory Experiment Utilizing Neurophysical and Psychological Measures Quispe, Cristian F (2015) Expansion of the Chlorovirus genus by studies on virus natural history and Chlorella host metabolism Ragusa, Jorge Alejandro (2015) Low Molecular Weight Glucosamine/L-lactide Copolymers as Potential Carriers for the Development of a Sustained Rifampicin Release System: Mycobacterium Smegmatis as a Tuberculosis Model Rajput, Santosh Ghashiram (2015) Development and utilization of genomic resources for genetic improvement of proso millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) Rattanaprasert, Monchaya (2015) Efficacy of galactooliosaccharide (GOS) and/or rhamnosebased synbiotics in enhancing ecological performance of Lactobacillus reuteri in the human gut and characterization of its gos metabolic system Reis, Tania Carlson (2015) Leadership traits of successful women university presidents: A qualitative study Ren, Lixin (2015) Parenting young children in contemporary Chinese society: A mixed methods study Reynolds, Sara A (2015) Dynamics of interacting populations: Single-species models and evolutionary outcomes for cannibalistic spiders Rezaei, Fahimeh (2015) A Novel Approach towards Real-Time Covert Timing Channel Detection Robicheaux, Timothy R (2015) Stress and eyewitness memory: Timing of stressor and association with cortisol stress responding Roche, Kenneth James (2015) Canola: A modern crop for a modern era Rosenthal, Malcolm F (2015) Mating in a variable world: The implications of environmental variation for male and female mating behavior Rose, Suzanne L (2015) A lipidomics approach to the viral-host dynamics of the unicellular, eukaryotic alga c Chlorella variabilis and its viral pathogen, PBCV-1 Ross, Joann M (2015) Making marital rape visible: A history of American legal and social movements criminalizing rape in marriage Rossman, Nathan R (2015) Simulation of regional groundwater flow and the effects of future climate change on water resources in the Nebraska Sand Hills Roth, Zachary J (2015) Analysis of neuronal sequences using pairwise biases Rudnick, Daran R (2015) Maize evapotranspiration, canopy and stomatal resistances, crop water productivity, and economic analysis for various nitrogen fertilizer rates under full irrigation, limited irrigation, and rainfed settings Safa, Babak (2015) Simulating net ecosystem exchange, latent heat and sensible heat fluxes in rainfed and irrigated maize using artificial neural networks Saferstein, Rhonda J (2015) Partisanship in a nonpartisan setting: The Nebraska state legislature Saini, Nipun (2015) Characterization of inhibitors of fatty acid transport protein-2 in cell and animal models Salinas Ruiz, Josafhat (2015) Optimal designs in genomic selection Sallach, J.

Shaw (2016) A paleolimnological analysis of the hierarchy of environmental controls on the resilience of aquatic communities in Yellowstone National Park, USA Christ, Christa C (2016) The contribution of a polygenic risk score to individual differences in aggressive behavior: The moderating and mediating roles of stressful events Cochrane, Kristen C (2016) Physiological responses at the rating of perceived exertion at and above the gas exchange threshold during treadmill running Cortesa, Cathryn S (2016) Habituation and the dyanmic encoding of novelty in newborn infants: An ERP study Cory, Bradley S (2016) Evaluation Of A Residential Retrofit Program In Omaha Nebraska: A Comparison Of Actual Energy Savings With Audit Predictions Using Quantitative Analysis.

Crews, James H (2016) Telling My Father Custead, Rebecca (2016) Encoding of saltatory tactile velocity in the adult orofacial somatosensory system Dailey, Douglas J (2016) Rigidity of the frobenius, matlis reflexivity, and minimal flat resolutions Davenport, Shirley (2016) Implementation of state developmental education policy: A multiple case study of community college faculty perceptions of involvement Delaney, Julie Chaloupka (2016) Turnaround Elementary Principals in Rural Missouri Deng, Qizhen (2016) The effect of a self-regulated vocabulary intervention on word knowledge, reading comprehension, and self-regulated learning for elementary English language learners Do, Kieu Anh T (2016) Into the gap: A mixed methods study of acculturation, stress, and refugee family functioning Domenech-Perez, Katherine I (2016) Impact of finishing diets with de-oiled distillers grains or antioxidant containing supplement on beef shelf life Doom, Catherine A (2016) Teacher Technology = Blended Learning: How Important is the Teacher in this Equation?

Bouchard, Axel Benjamin (2017) Longitudinal relations among anticholinergic drug burden, neurocognition, and community functioning in outpatients with serious mental illness Acar, Ibrahim H (2016) Examining the roles of child temperament, home, and classroom environments on low income preschool children's self-regulation Albracht, Carolyn Ann (2016) Wilderness restoration: A case study of two place-based education programs Arguelles, Andrea P (2016) Influence of microstructural morphology on ultrasonic scattering in polycrystalline media Asaad, Micheal A.K (2015) Assessing the Relationship Between Student and Faculty Perceptions of Student Engagement at Central Mountain College Badilla, John A.Vargas (2015) Applications of high performance affinity chromatography with high capacity stationary phases made by entrapment Baier, Scott (2015) Micro RNAs are absorbed in biologically meaningful amounts from nutritionally relevant doses of cow's milk and chicken eggs and affect gene expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells, cell cultures, and mouse livers Bairagi, Subir K (2015) Ex-ante economic assessment of research: High omega-3 soybean oil for mariculture Baker, Cynthia M (2015) Exploring the sexual self-schemas of adult female survivors of childhood incest Baldwin, Daniel (2015) From concept to completion a strategic analysis: Concerto for trombone and orchestra Baldwin, James L (2015) A correlational case study on distance from home and attrition of first-time, full-time students Ballesteros Possu, William (2015) Carbon storage potential of windbreaks on agricultural lands of the continental United States Bass, Katherine L (2015) Rape culture and sexual slang: A structured action approach Bautista, Rene (2015) An examination of sources of error in exit polls: Nonresponse and measurement error Behrens, Sarah Lynne (2015) Graph centers, hypergraph degree sequences, and induced-saturation Berry, Brandi L (2015) A Single-Subject Evaluation of the Target Bullying Intervention Program Black, Jeffrey A (2015) High need rural school district success indicators: A study of economic factors in New York State Blanton, Raymond L (2015) In(di)visible dream: Rhetoric, myth, and the road in America Blenner, Jordan A (2015) Sexual minority stigma and system justification theory: How changing the status quo impacts marriage and housing equality Bliss, Angela C (2015) Springtime melt onset on arctic sea ice from satellite observations and related atmospheric conditions Bohaty, Janet J (2015) The effects of expository text structure instruction on the reading outcomes of 4th and 5th graders experiencing reading difficulties Boosalis, Alexander George (2015) Ellipsometric characterization of silicon and carbon junctions for advanced electronics Boreddy, Sreenivasula Reddy (2015) Radiofrequency-assisted thermal processing for improving microbiological safety of low-moisture food powders Bossman, Dorothy M (2015) The disabled teacher: A memoir of an interrupted pedagogical career, a life with a chronic illness, and an encounter with real barriers to inclusive education Boster, Daniel Eric (2015) Teaching writing as practice: A collaborative inquiry into the development of a mindful writing pedagogy in the era of accountability Braun, William E (2015) The evolution of the cello endpin and its effect on technique and repertoire Brown, Jessica A (2015) Assessing planning and execution of immediate and prospective memory tasks by adults with acquired brain injury Brown, Michael K (2015) Knorrer periodicity and bott periodicity Budhiraja, Gaurav (2015) Low-intensity therapeutic ultrasound: Role of frequency and its impact on the mechanosensitive signaling processes in chondrocytes Camara, Cristiane Rodrigues S (2015) Synergistic effects of phenolic compounds on Candida albicans DNA conformational changes during yeast-tohyphae transition Campbell, Breanne S (2015) From literacy to literacies: Megotiating multiple literacies in the English classroom Cao, Yichun (2015) Motivation of Chinese frontline employees in a foreign-funded manufacturing company: A mixed methods study Carlson, Kristy J (2015) Individual Perceptions of Older Adults Castle, Katherine M (2015) Illness narratives of women with systemic lupus erythematosus and family communication: A mixed methods study Cerda-Lizarraga, Patricia R (2015) Latina/o first generation college students and college adjustment: An examination of family support processes Chadwell, Mindy R (2015) The impact of treatment exposure, trauma, and caregiver involvement in therapy on children's response to behavioral treatment Chao, Michael (2015) Impact of wet distillers grains plus solubles and antioxidants on a basic mechanism of beef tenderization Charntikov, Sergios (2015) Double dissociation of the anterior and posterior dorsomedial caudate-putamen in the acquisition and expression of associative learning with the nicotine stimulus Charoenruk, Nuttirudee (2015) Interviewer voice characteristics and data quality Chen, Haotong (2015) Molecular mechanism for the biosynthesis of antifungal HASF and antibacterial WAP-8294A2 Chen, Jiajia (2015) Multiphysics modeling to enhance understanding of microwave heating of food in domestic ovens Chen, Yifeng (2015) An adaptive corridor-wide signal timing optimization methodology for traffic networks with multiple highway-rail grade crossings Chernyavskiy, Pavel (2015) On the analysis of event-related potential and electroencephalographic data: Spatio-temporal modeling, variography, and simulation Christ, Beau Michael (2015) A visual analysis of articulated motion complexity based on optical flow and spatial-temporal features Clayton, Crystal L (2015) MBA Academic Teams Training and Measuring Team Skills Development and Team Satisfaction in the First Semester of a Full-time MBA Program Cohen, Marc J (2015) Principal leadership in high-performing, high-poverty elementary schools Cordonier, Elizabeth (2015) Characterizing the effects of both synthetic and natural inhibitors on the function of holocarboxylase synthetase and lipid metabolism Coutts, Michael J (2015) Conjoint behavioral consultation via distance delivery (CBC-D): An evaluation of efficacy and acceptability Creech, Cody F (2015) Herbicide application technology impacts on herbicide spray characteristics and performance Crespo, Roberto Javier (2015) Impact of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on the physiology of maize genotypes under variable nitrogen and phosphorus levels Curtis, Deena M (2015) Saying No to College: First Generation, Low-Income Students and the Decision to Not Attend College Dai, Ting (2015) Wind power trading in the competitive electricity market Das, Anshuman (2015) Role of interferon stimulated genes in regulation of the innate antiviral response during vesicular stomatitis virus infection Davidson, Charlie A (2015) Event-related potential correlates of social and nonsocial cognitive processes related to schizotypy Davis, C.Ewell (2016) A little bit more the same than yesterday: A mixed methods exploration of choir member empathy and attitudes toward individuals with disabilities Lambert, Lori M (2016) Temporally and spatially resolved quantification of hemodynamic forces and endothelial mechanics Lee, Hye Sun (2016) The effects of item parameter drift in a short measure of a time-varying predictor Lee, Joonhee (2016) The effects of tones in noise on human annoyance and performance Liang, Xiao (2016) The creative use of conservative western compositional techniques in Wen-Yeh Chiang's "Piano Suite - Twelve Poems On Folk Festival", Op.53 Li, Chen (2016) CFD study of decay function of wall shear stress with scour around complex-shape bridge pier Li, Lei (2016) Mechanistic study of the extraordinary catalytic activity of nanogold-Ti O2 systems Lin, Shengmao (2016) Mechanical tuning of three-dimensional cell culture system Lipatov, Alexey (2016) Layered heterostructures based on two-dimensional materials: Interfacial phenomena and device applications Li, Zhao (2016) Studies of drug-protein interactions using high-performance affinity chromatography Li, Zhe (2016) Essays in corporate finance Lozano, Nicole M (2016) The Impact of Sexual Violence on Intimate Relationship Dynamics: A Grounded Theory Study Lu, Mei (2016) Allergenicity assessment of genetically engineered (GE) soybean and processed shellfish using immunological and proteomics methods Lundahl, Alyssa (2016) Tired, hungry, and grumpy: Understanding the direct and indirect relationships among child temperament, sleep problems, feeding styles, and weight outcomes Luo, Hao (2016) Understanding and improving the storage performance of mobile devices: From quasi non-volatile memory to user applications Lutz, Jason M (2016) Homological characterizations of quasi-complete intersections Ma, Cong (2016) Torque ripple and vibration reduction of switched reluctance machines Maldonado-Gomez, Maria Ximena (2016) Establishment of Bifidobacterium longum AH1206 in the human gastrointestinal tract and its ecological implications Manzitto, Courtney (2016) Setting the Bar: A Closer Look at an Elementary Leadership Development in One Midwestern School District Ma, Qinglei (2016) Growth, Characterization and Simulation of Tungsten Selenide Thin Films for Photovoltaic Applications Maria Antonia Garcia, de la Torre (2016) Procesamiento de la expresion estetica en la cotidianidad de los personajes en El laberinto magico de Max Aub Marin, Christopher Mark (2016) Synthesis and applications of lanthanide sulfides and oxides Marolf, Cindy J (2016) A comparison of lecture and case study methods of teaching in a college science classroom: A quantitative study Martinez Tellez, Bismarck Antonio (2016) Identification of sporeforming bacteria in the milk chain and its potential sources in farm environment Mayo Fincher, Lindsay (2016) In a lather: The Victorian dirt crisis, 1848-1895 Mc Cain, Morgan R.

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